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Wild Mushroom Bolognese


Discover the New Sensation at The Sunflake Grill: Wild Mushroom Bolognese

A Culinary Adventure Awaits

Executive Chef, Stephan Na is excited to announce the latest addition to our menu: the Wild Mushroom Bolognese, a delightful and hearty dish that promises to elevate your dining experience. Priced at just $18, this exquisite pasta creation is set to become a favourite among our membership, offering a rich tapestry of flavours and textures that celebrate the essence of Italian cuisine.


A Symphony of Flavours

Our Wild Mushroom Bolognese is crafted with the utmost care and precision, featuring rigatoni pasta perfectly paired with a braised wild mushroom ragu. The wild mushrooms, hand-selected for their robust and earthy flavours, are gently braised to enhance their natural depth, creating a ragu that is both savory and satisfying.

The foundation of our ragu is the celebrated San Marzano tomato, renowned for its sweet, vibrant flavour and rich heritage. These tomatoes are slow cooked to perfection, releasing their natural sweetness and creating a sauce that beautifully complements the umami richness of the mushrooms.

Fresh thyme adds a fragrant, herbaceous note, perfectly balancing the dish and imparting a subtle hint of freshness that lingers on the palate. The final touch is a generous grating of Grana Padano, a hard cheese known for its nutty and slightly sweet profile, which melts effortlessly into the warm pasta, adding a creamy and luxurious finish.


Inclusivity in Every Bite

Understanding the diverse dietary preferences of our guests, Chef Na proudly offers a Vegan and Gluten-Free option of the Wild Mushroom Bolognese. Chef Na has meticulously crafted this alternative to ensure that it retains all the robust flavours and satisfying textures of the original, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

For the vegan version, we use a blend of plant-based ingredients that mirror the rich and creamy character of the traditional dish. Our gluten-free rigatoni is made from premium ingredients, providing a firm yet tender bite that pairs perfectly with the hearty ragu.

An Invitation to Savour

Join us at The Sunflake Grill to indulge in this new culinary masterpiece. Whether you're a dedicated foodie or simply looking for a comforting meal, the Wild Mushroom Bolognese promises to captivate your senses and leave you yearning for more.

Come and experience the warmth of Italian hospitality and the artistry of fine dining. Our friendly staff are eager to welcome you and ensure that your visit is nothing short of exceptional.