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Unbelievable Feat


Unbelievable Feat: Husband and Wife Score Hole-in-Ones on the Same Hole in Less Than a Month

Golf enthusiasts know that scoring a hole-in-one is a rare and exhilarating achievement. Imagine the surprise and delight when a husband and wife both accomplish this feat within a month on the same course, and even more incredibly, on the same hole. Jamie and Kim MacBride have done just that on our Valley Course, creating a story that has the entire community buzzing.

On June 27, Jamie MacBride secured his place in golfing history with a perfect shot on the fifth hole of our Valley Course. This amazing feat came less than a month after his wife, Kim, made her own hole-in-one on the exact same hole on May 31.


Reflecting on their incredible back-to-back Aces, Kim said, “Can't believe that I had one on May 31 and a month later Jamie got one. Same hole around the same time of day.”

The fifth hole on the Valley Course has always been known for its challenging layout and scenic beauty, but the MacBrides have turned it into a place of legend. For those who have tried to conquer this hole, Jamie and Kim's story is a testament to the magic of golf, where extraordinary moments can happen to anyone.

Their story not only highlights their individual skills but also celebrates the unique bond shared through their love of the game. It’s a beautiful reminder of how sports can bring us closer and create unforgettable memories.

We congratulate Jamie and Kim MacBride on their incredible accomplishments and look forward to seeing them, and all our golfers, continue to enjoy and challenge themselves on the Valley Course.

So next time you're out on the course, especially as you approach hole #5, remember the MacBrides’ remarkable story. 

Who knows, you might just be the next golfer to add your name to the Valley Course’s list of legends.